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Los Angeles based Electronic artist, Creans (pronounced "kray-ahnz") creates a sonic journey with each track. Amassing over three million streams on multiple platforms including Spotify and Soundcloud plus co-producing top remixes of hits like Rihanna’s “Work” (achieving over million streams since it’s release) as well as over a half a million streams on a remix of Bebe Rexha’s single “Me, Myself & I”.

Layering lush and well-crafted melodies with catchy rhythm sections, Creans expertly combines his modern production style with straightforward songwriting methods to create beat-driven music, that is just as much imaginative as it is engaging.

Growing up in Atlanta, but very much a wanderer at heart, 
Creans loves to discover new sounds, stories and grooves. Influenced by many genres like Electro, HipHop, Rock, RnB and Dance he makes his style known on every song while still showing enough of his roots and those that inspired him.

Creans began producing & releasing beats and mixtapes in his early 20s’.  He now uses all the tools at his disposal including Sound Design, Producing, DJing, Writing, Recording and Performing to make music that balances "fresh & new" with "classic & catchy".

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"The greatest honor to the talents any of us have is to use them. It's up to each one of us to discover, create & share the best version of the moments that inspire our hearts. For me, it's through making music, in all it's forms, that I discover them moving through me and guiding my art."



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